We are Common Ground.

Investing through Common Ground allows charities to break free from commercial landlords, and deliver their vital services in security.

People like Gerry need suitable supported living that can only be delivered by a life-changing charities that create specialised solutions to homelessness. Find out more about how we support these services here.

Common Ground is a strategic solution to the problem of repeat homelessness in Scotland.

What do investors get?

We’re offering you the chance to be a part of a movement for change. Our investors will benefit from:

We expect to pay up to 5% interest on share capital per annum, which will be accrued to your investment amount, for you to receive as a lump sum when you withdraw your funds

*This is our headline rate and may be less than this. Investors can also choose to receive less or no interest.

A vote at the AGM and for the Board of Directors, and the chance to stand for and be elected to the Board

The chance to get your money and interest returned when share capital is available for withdrawal from the end of year 3 onwards

Our first share offer will provide homes for life for 9 homeless people in Edinburgh.

Investing not your thing?